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Limb length discrepancy - Mobility - GymnasticBodies

Posted on November 1 2013

Limb length discrepancy - Mobility - GymnasticBodies

When you have long-term issues like this, the therapy should not be viewed as a short term solution. It is an every day thing. Limb length discrepancies can definitely be caused by hip misalignment, and if you have structural dysplasic issues then you are exactly like someone who has a damaged shoulder labrum: You are simply going to have to do specific exercises every day in order to stay pain-free and healthy.

As an example, I have to do quite a number of shoulder exercises every day to keep my shoulders healthy, and that's just a part of my life. I don't have any labral damage, but this is what makes me feel the best, so it is what I do. A nice side effect is that it is making me stronger in a lot of ways :)

Long term corrections that will actually lead to a more stable, less dysfunctional body are going to include specific stretches, often in unequal set and rep counts, for each side of the body. It will also usually include specific daily maintenance exercises. Sometimes this is considered to be "rehab" but that's a bad term, because it implies that you will, at some point, no longer need them. For you, that is probably not true, just as it is probably not true for me either.

The best course of action for all of us, but especially you and me, is to make a lifestyle adjustment. Specific maintenance shoulder work is just what I do every day. It is who I am now, and this keeps me pain free and able to get stronger and healthier.

There is no use in fighting this, because your body will simply continue the cycle of relapse until you commit to a lifestyle that supports a less painful, more functional body. Dorn method may be a part of this, but manipulations do not reprogram your nervous system's recruitment of muscles. Muscles are what move your body, so if you don't reprogram these with intelligent stretching and therapeutic exercise, you are always going to experience relapse.

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